Freshman one of many on diverse team: Elon seeks tennis talent from around the world

Freshman Frida Jansaker knew little about college tennis before she came to Elon University. But she has since gotten a pretty good grip on it.

Jansaker is from Sweden and represents one of five countries represented on the Elon women’s tennis team.

Her international teammates include Viviana Stavreva from Italy, Andrea Pont Grau from Spain and Kaylan Smialek from London. The team consists of eight players. Four of them are from the United States.

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Administration strives to eliminate obstacles, create more opportunities for all students to study abroad

When Adam Constantine graduated from Elon University in 2009, there was one thing he always regretted. Because he was an athlete, he was unable to study abroad, a common situation among student athletes.

As a member of the basketball team, his season overlapped fall and spring semester, as well as Winter Term. But athletes aren’t the only students who miss out on Elon’s study abroad opportunities.

Seeking to identify other factors preventing students from studying abroad, Elon administration is working to increase availability of these programs.

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Seventeen Magazine picked up another one of my articles!

I’m so excited that Seventeen Magazine picked up my article from! Thanks guys!

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Online Jobs: How You Can Make Money From Your Dorm Room

Do you dream of making money from the comfort of your dorm room while lounging in your PJ pants and a T-shirt? Well, that dream could become your reality if you start tapping into the online job market. Lucky for you, Her Campus has created a guide to online moneymaking. So read on, collegiettes™, take some notes, and wear whatever you’d like while doing so!

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Interfraternity Council approves plan to raise minimum GPA requirement for men’s Greek life

Last month, Elon University’s Interfraternity Council introduced the biggest change in recent years by raising the minimum GPA requirement for men’s Greek Life from 2.5 to 2.7, which corresponds with the priorities of the Strategic Plan.

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15 Ways to Make Money Over Winter Break

If you’re anything like me, you wait all semester to catch a break. But after a few days at home, you somehow find yourself bored out of your mind. You have no projects to think about, no tests to study for, and more time on your hands than you thought you could handle. So what better time to fill your days with a job and make some extra cash? Here are 15 ways to get going on filling up your bank account before spring semester rolls around:

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The Top 10 Weirdest College Majors

When we’re young, the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is asked of us. Usually, the answers are impractical and even impossible. How many of us actually end up being astronauts and ballerinas? But there are a few college students out there who are sticking to their original goals—and they’ve got some pretty unusual majors to prove it.

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