The good and the bad.

We had the opportunity to watch a documentary called “The Best Worst Movie” tonight in downstairs McEwen. It it a documentary about a terrible horror movie called “Troll 2.” The film’s director, who also starred in Troll 2, Michael Paul Stephenson, and the main character in both the documentary and Troll 2, George Hardy, were both here at Elon University for the screening. It was great to hear what they had to say about starring in Troll 2 and filming the documentary. George Hardy really made the documentary. His spirit and positive attitude added so much to the film. The premise of the documentary was to find the actors who once starred in the terribly wonderful “Troll 2” and to see what they’re currently doing with their lives. “Troll 2” has surprisingly gained a large fan base, becoming one of the most popular cult classics.

You can watch Troll 2 here on The fellows plan on watching it together as a class this weekend, because we all enjoyed the documentary so much.


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