The youth is starting to change…

In class today, we talked about thinking about a topic that we’d like to potentially research if we were to become Lumen Scholars at Elon University. I decided that I’d like to research social media and how it’s being used by new and upcoming companies.

For instance, I find it really intereting that Windsor, Stephanie and Annie-the creators of– were able to start their own business while still attending Harvard University. These girls have basically created jobs for themselves. They are running a business and going to school at the same time. And when they graduate, they’ll have jobs waiting for them.

Interestingly, the girls do not advertise their magazine. They simply make good use of social media. They have a large presence on Facebook and Twitter, and they use these outlets to get the word out about their magazine.

I think it would be interesting to do some research on how social media is changing the business world, and whether or not younger generations will have a leg up on older generations, simply because we were born into the social media age.


2 responses to “The youth is starting to change…

  1. Being part of an “older” generation, I am pretty sure that your generation will have an advantage regarding social media. The size of the advantage will depend on the type of business (what are you selling), the customer base (are you selling to older or younger crowd) and whether you have a business to business or business to consumer model.

    Check out for an example of a company that focuses on helping businesses build brand through social media. Full disclosure – I have no connection to this company.

  2. ideahaus looked very informative & useful. Very agressive thinking for young people.

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