Filling the frame.

One of our projects in DMC was to fill a frame with anything we wanted. We were each provided with a simple black frame and given the freedom to fill it with whatever we wanted. Our frames were then put on display in the Communications Building.

The first time around, I used a quote as inspiration for my frame. I used the quote “Everything has beauty, you just have to see it.” I typed these words around an eye, blurring the edges in Photoshop, and surrounded the eye with cut outs from magazines of people or things that aren’t generally associated with beauty.

We all chose a theme to tie all our frames together the second time. We decided to use song lyrics in our designs, but we all had the freedom to do what we wanted with that. I chose to use lyrics from one of my favorite artists, K’naan. I cut him out, used to jumble up lyrics to his song Wavin’ Flag, and included a white star in the background, which is the symbol on Somalia’s flag.


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