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Seventeen Magazine picked up my article!

Seventeen Magazine featured my HerCampus.com article on their website today! It’s so cool to see my name on Seventeen.com!

You can read it here!


The Hidden Costs of College and How to Budget for Them

The cost of college is out of control. After you pay for room and board, tuition, a rug, a mini-fridge and all that other cool stuff to fill your super-cute dorm room, you’ve dished out a pretty nice chunk of change. And like it or not, you’re going to have to keep on spending.

If you’re not careful, you’ll come across hidden costs that will creep up on you on a daily basis. But don’t worry—HC is here to help you prepare for those unexpected costs and to budget for them ahead of time so that when they do creep up on you, you’re more than ready.

Read the rest of my article on HerCampus.com here!